Kimihia Preschool and Early Leaning Centre Christchurch

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Our Philosophy

We aim to provide a safe and supportive early learning centre for children and their families which enables them to experience a stimulating and challenging learning environment. We seek to encourage and equip all children and their parents to become lifelong learners.

We welcome our children into an environment which encourages a strong sense of trust and belonging. Each child's individuality and natural disposition to learn is acknowledged. Each child's emotional and physical well being is nurtured alongside their learning and development experiences. Children are supported, encouraged and empowered to develop and extend their confidence, social competence, interests, skills and knowledge.

Teachers and children learn together as part of our learning community. We encourage participation of parents in their children's learning and also involve others from our local and wider community. Observing children's learning is a priority for teachers, allowing children to make their own choices for their own learning journey. We seek to motivate children through a stimulating and challenging curriculum that promotes the learning dispositions of courage and curiosity, being involved, perseverance, confidence and responsibility.

We strongly value and respect our partnership with parents and see them as vital links in their children's ongoing learning and development. Opportunities are provided both formally and informally to share information between the home and the Centre in order to support parents in their role and further develop our learning community.

The learning environment for children is supported by a teaching team which knows the children well and provides high quality interactions to extend children's thinking. Appropriate resources are provided to support children's learning interests and teachers look for opportunities to encourage children to facilitate their own learning.