Kimihia Preschool and Early Leaning Centre Christchurch

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Teachers in the nursery hold early childhood education qualifications and one has specialised training in Karitane Nursing.

The nursery programme offers a safe, secure environment for babies where care-giving routines are the basis of the infant curriculum. Infants are fed on the teacher’s lap until they are developmentally able to sit unsupported in a toddler’s chair at a low table for meals.

The environment is calm and nurturing with teachers responding with sensitivity to children's individuality.

The outside area has natural grass and provides an intimate space that allows the infants the opportunity to explore and create relationships with the world around them.

Programmes are individualised and adjusted to infant’s own rhythms, health and well-being. We create our infant programme around the child's own individual routines, needs and current learning interests. So whether they need a meal, a bottle or a sleep, teachers will judge by the child's rhythms and provide them with what they need.

Care-giving moments are relaxed and unhurried with teachers valuing these times as learning opportunities.

We do not push children into the next stage of their development. Instead, give them time and opportunities to practise building their muscles and to gain understanding of how their body and balance works for themselves, while being able to encourage, support and celebrate their achievements.

Each infant has a space in which to sleep. When they are smaller they will have a Moses Basket and as they grow they will be introduced to a cot which has pull-down sides. We cater for the individual sleep patterns and usual routines, and also take into account if the child is particularly tired one day.

Transition into the toddler room will occur in full consultation with parents/caregivers and usually happens when the child is independently mobile and emotionally ready.