Kimihia Preschool and Early Leaning Centre Christchurch

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Children in the pre-school room learn alongside qualified teachers who hold early childhood education bachelor degrees and have furthered their studies in infant and toddler mental health.

Teachers plan open-ended play-based activities and experiences to stimulate and challenge children to progress developmentally at their own individual rate. Providing a calm and sensitive environment is valued as a priority to learning and much attention and care is provided in supporting children emotionally and socially.

A range of activities is offered with a strong emphasis on learning through the environment.

These include but are not limited to the following:

children's literature, block play, group together-time, creative expression and visual arts, dramatic/role/fantasy play, exploration of topics of interest to children, fine motor activities, large group activities and games, manipulative and problem-solving resources, painting and play-dough, music and singing, sensory and processing movement experiences, outdoor and spontaneous play, pre-literacy and pre-math activities, science exploration, socialisation skills, cooking and gardening, caring for pets, carpentry, long term group projects and much more.