Kimihia Preschool and Early Leaning Centre Christchurch

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Teachers in the toddler room hold qualifications in early childhood education and are committed to providing an environment that is sensitive and supportive to the development of the young child. Teachers provide encouragement, warmth, and acceptance and foster the well-being of the child and their family. Quality, respectful relationships between teachers and the toddler children and their parents/whanau are at the heart of the curriculum.

There is a strong emphasis on natural open-ended play materials and resources. The toddler room teachers empower the toddlers to explore their space in a safe and comfortable manner where they are also encouraged and supported in their developing independence and problem-solving skills.

The older toddler children are actively supported in their play and interactions with others where their interests, strengths and needs are incorporated into the daily programme.

Sleep time and nappy changing are valued as meaningful learning opportunities and are unhurried.

Meals times are social occasions where children are supported in their developing independence with flexibility to their individual tastes. The children learn to wash their hands and give thanks (karakia) before every meal.

The toddler environment provides engaging and interesting activities such as; puzzles, messy play, manipulative equipment, construction, blocks, family play, dress-up, art experiences, music and singing, sensory movement and gross motor activities, sand-pit play.

Teachers recognise learning and plan for each individual within the group, ensuring positive experiences for the child within the programme

Toddlers are observed regularly to ensure that what is provided is matching their interests and when necessary adjustments are made to the programme.